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We provide everything that every grower needs including a Convenient Location, we’re right off the 14 freeway in the heart of Lancaster. Convenient Hours, we’re open 7 days a week and we’re open until 8pm weekdays to better serve our customers that have to endure long commutes.  Huge Product Selection, we have hundreds of products that are carefully selected, Reasonable Prices, and perhaps most importantly, an Experienced Growing Staff (many stores state “knowledgeable staff” but we believe “experience” is more valuable than “knowledge”). We would rather get information from an experienced grower than from an educated staff member. Put another way; we would hire an experienced grower with no education before we would hire a botany professor with no grow experience. Your advice should come from someone with growing experience.

Large Inventory: To best serve our customers we moved after 6 years to a larger store with a stock room, a roll up door and a forklift. By having our own warehouse and forklift we are able to take advantage of truckload deals and, most importantly, we are able to ensure that we rarely run out of high demand products. Better for us and better for our customers.

Interactive Displays: The image below shows several functional displays to help growers see how products and methods work and to demonstrate the differences between them. By having multiple systems set up and on display a beginner grower or an experienced grower can easily see how each method works side by side without taking a single step. With an experienced staff to help out a grower, you can learn how each system works and compare the benefits versus drawbacks to make an educated decision. We can make recommendations but we prefer to explain the differences along with a few real life stories (our experiences as well as the experiences of our customers) and let the customer make the final decision based on their newfound understanding. I never enjoy it when a customer says “the thing you sold me”; we try to force the customer to make the final decision so that they take ownership of their choice. When a customer takes a product home and one of their friends or relatives asks why they have that particular product we want them to know why they made that decision.. we don’t want them to say “that’s what the grow store sold me”.


Consultation: A caring grow store staff will want to maximize your potential for success. If your local store cares about your success they will want to spend quality consultation time with you. To ensure that new and existing customers feel comfortable a space to converse and share notes is necessary. Pull up a chair and don’t be afraid to ask questions… the only silly question is… the one you don’t ask.

Room to Grow Greenhouses and Supplies

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