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Grow Tents – Packages

We offer a complete selection of grow tents to suit your needs. Our tents can be purchased by themselves or we’ve set up some of the tents with the basic equipment you need.

Greenhouse Kits

Who wouldn’t love to own a greenhouse? Our greenhouses are offered as a complete kit in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Room to Grow has lighting products on display. Growers can make better decisions when they see the different options side by side all lit up.

Growing Media

We offer a wide variety of natural growing medias, soil, coco fiber, clay balls, and rockwool.

Pots and Containers

From starting clones or seeds to containers such as plastic pots, we’ll help you determine which container type and size will best meet your objectives.

Hydro Components

Room to Grow offers a wide variety of Pest control, PH Control, Water Purification, and air and water pump products.

Harvest Products

We offer a host of harvest and post harvest tools and supplies including odor proof air tight storage bags, trimming machines, scales, drying racks and more.

Plant Nutrients

Plant nutrition is probably the most regularly used consumable item in a garden. We carry time complete lines of proven organic and synthetic nutrients.

Grow Room Equipment

Room to Grow offers a wide selection of fans, odor filters, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water chillers, CO2 generators, CO2 controllers, lighting controllers, timers and ducting.

Room to Grow Greenhouses and Supplies

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